Weddings: The best version of yourself

Morning my pretties I hope you are all very well and ready to discuss weddings! FOUR MONTHS TO GO! Now the venue is sorted, the food already in the oven and even the flowers booked it feels like I can start to relax. NOT. There are still one million things to think about including of course the most important part of the day: my appearance! With both my dress and … Continue reading

New year’s resolutions: Save Money!

Wellllll… What a month of spending! Presents, Xmas parties, drinks galore and new (usually sequin-embellished) clothes to wear to each and every outing… Needless to say there is no way I have managed to put as much aside as I was hoping to this month. Again. But next year, readers, we have a wedding to plan! And I need to make sure I’m saving enough money for the big day … Continue reading

Cosy nights in… style!

*INSERT RANT ABOUT SUDDEN DROP IN TEMPERATURE* The time has come for cups of warm milk, hot water bottles and wooly socks! Baby it’s cold outside, and there’s nothing like snuggling up in the Winter for a cosy night at home. Lately I’ve been trying to make sure comfy doesn’t rhyme with frumpy - an easy Winter trap. Beautiful knits, soft threads and loose yet fashionable cuts are the perfect choice when you … Continue reading

Xmas wishlist with Joules

The past few weeks have been dedicated to SHOPPING. Online shopping, offline shopping, Xmas food shopping, Xmas prezzie shopping, Secret Santa shopping… Endless shopping – and no complaints from me as I love buying gifts, cards, treats and decorations! But it just so happens I’ve also received a few requests from Father Xmas himself, asking me what I would like to find in my own Xmas stocking the week after … Continue reading

We’re engaged!

Long time, no speak! And I’m back with some fantastic news! Monsieur Marcel and I are engaged! Get ready for this blog to go weddinglistic! Our romantic story involves a surprise weekend, a taxi going in the ‘wrong’ direction, a Beatles song, a white shirt, a leather jacket, a trip back to the first I love you, a proposal that made me overflow with tears of joy, a YES, a … Continue reading

Autumn fun

Autumn fashion really is the best. Cosy layers and soft snuggly materials… This year more than ever I’ve been having fun with my mid season outfits, adding pops of colour and playful prints. I used to always switch to a more boring version or myself in Autumn Winter. “Oh, it’s raining, I’ll wear black.” or “Well the sky’s grey, I may as well walk around looking like I’m a part of it”. … Continue reading

Outfit du jour: Last lace

Something about the raindrops on my window tell me we may have had our last chance to wear lace this Summer… And oh what a lacey season it has been. This beautiful dress was a gift from a French brand I adore – Sud Express. If you have never heard of them, check out their website – they’re specialised in a casual-chic style only the French get right. This dress … Continue reading

Fast Food #2: Vegan yogurt recipe

Hello girls ! I hope you’re well and ready for another round of Healthy Fast Food ! I’m home alone at the moment as my other half is traveling… and it seems the veggie / vegan inside of me is ready to jump out and explore new flavours! It’s whilst trying (and failing) to make a vegan pancake mix that I realised this was the most delicious vegan yogurt I … Continue reading

Shopped in London:Barry M

Hey girls! So because I know a whole load of you are reading me from abroad, I figured it might make sense to share some of my latest London finds. You might be able to find these where you live too, especially if you’re in the UK, but if not then it will be the perfect shopping list of British buys for next time you come to visit. I decided … Continue reading

Outfit du Jour: Total Leo

After going all white I’m going all leo with this outfit du jour again shot in Shoreditch. I couldn’t wait to take pics of this jumpsuit since I fell in love with it the minute it caught my eye. I saw it, tried it and bought it in under 15 minutes. But then it took me a couple of weeks to actually wear it… Wearing a leopard jumpsuit is not the … Continue reading